Lila Strohl is a board Certified Medical Illustrator and a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 1993. Lila obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Health Professions in 1978 from The College of Medicine, The Ohio State University and a Certificate in Medical Illustration from The School of Allied Medical Professions, The Ohio State University. Her past experience includes work as Head of Medical Illustration at St. Anthony Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio (1978-1986), work as a Medical Illustrator in the department of Biomedical Communications at The Ohio State University Medical Center (1987-1988), and owner of Medcom Graphics, an independent contracting company that specialized in medical-legal work in Columbus, Ohio (1989-1997) and medical and scientific illustration in Bridgewater, New Jersey (1998-2008). Lila’s work experience is diverse and includes working with surgeons, scientists, law firms, universities, publishers, and biotech companies. Lila is currently the owner of Biomedscapes (2008-present), a medical and scientific art company in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Biomedscapes specializes in the creation of scientific and medical illustrations depicting cellular and molecular landscapes and information graphics for immunology, cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmacology and medicine.